Image of two boys using learning techniques at Sonoran Learning and Behavioral Services. Sonoran Learning and Behavioral Services serves families with autistic children.
Image of an autistic girl wearing headphones and an orange backpack smiling at Sonoran Learning and Behavioral Services.

Helping Your Child Live a Happy & Fulfilled Life

As a parent, you want only the best for your child with autism. To make that happen, they need the tools and skills to thrive independently in the world.

Therapy Tailored to Your Child

Clinician-Parent Collaboration

Skills for a Happy, Independent Life

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For children with autism, life requires extra care and guidance. This causes parents like you to worry about your child’s development, wondering if they can function independently as they grow.

At Sonoran, we believe every child with autism can have a hopeful and independent future. That’s why we focus our therapy on helping children become comfortable, capable, and confident to navigate the world on their own.

Our compassionate, hands-on team has already helped many Phoenix-area children increase their independence and quality of life, and we would love to work with your child, too.

How We Do It

We start by learning about you and your child with a detailed assessment.

We create an individualized treatment plan for your child and check in consistently to update you on their progress.

We help your child transition from our care to
an independent life.

Serving families in North Phoenix

If you live in North Phoenix and want to see if we’re a good fit, click “Get Started” to tell us about your child. We are excited to meet you and for your child to take the next step in navigating the world successfully and autonomously!

Who We Are

Sonoran Learning & Behavioral Services is a team of compassionate and engaging Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians. First and foremost, we are advocates for you and your child, and we are dedicated to finding solutions for your child to truly thrive.

Our Founder

"As a mother, I understand how exhausting it can be to parent through trial and error. I started Sonoran Learning & Behavioral Services to help parents walk a less lonely road in their parenting journey no matter what stands in their way."
Paige Breeden, M.ED, BCBA, LBA
Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Founder of Sonoran Learning & Behavioral Services
Years practicing in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis
0 +
Kids helped to overcome behavioral and emotional setbacks


Success stories from parents like you.

Give Your Child The Opportunity to become all they were born to be

Don't live in Phoenix?

We’ve got you covered! Find coaching and support for parents of children with behavioral challenges through Black Diamond Behavior Consulting.

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