ABA Therapy & Autism Services

We know parenting can be hard, especially when navigating behavioral challenges. At Sonoran Learning & Behavioral Services, our biggest goal is to provide each child and their parents and caregivers with individualized therapy and education, moving them into a happy and fulfilling future together.

Learn more below about our ABA Therapy and Autism Services in North Phoenix.

Image of a child playing a game for her aba therapy proveded by Sonoran Learning and Behavioral Services which provides autism services in North Phoenix.

Comprehensive ABA Therapy

Get the most out of ABA therapy with this intensive, individualized, 1:1 therapy! We’ll work with your child in a variety of settings as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) supervises and collects data on their progress. Caregivers and parents are trained throughout the treatment process to ensure skills taught in therapy sessions are also encouraged at home, school, and beyond.
Our comprehensive ABA therapy targets multiple behavioral skill domains, like:

  • Adaptive
  • Pre-academic
  • Social
  • Imitation
  • Expressive
  • Receptive language

When we start, we’ll carefully assess your learner to determine the correct therapy approach and set age appropriate milestones for their progress. Our comprehensive services range from 25-40 hours per week, depending on the intensity level identified as medically necessary.

Focused ABA Therapy

This service targets 1-2 domains, skills, or problem behaviors that do not require an intensive approach. Focused ABA Therapy is individualized and 1:1 in a variety of settings with ongoing supervision and data analysis by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. This service ranges from 10-25 hours a week depending on what has been identified as medically necessary.

Caregiver Training

Skills that a child learns in ABA therapy must be encouraged in every other part of their life, not just in the clinic. At Sonoran, every child’s treatment plan incorporates caregiver training to ensure their newly learned skills are generalized and maintained from day one of service.

BCBA Supervision

Sonoran Learning and Behavioral Services provides BCBA supervision to those seeking certification and licensure.


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